Your iPhone videos

We Edit Copies of Your Baby’s iPhone Videos & Photos

When you decide to have us make a Swaddle to Toddle video using your iPhone videos, we will talk with you to learn how many videos you estimate that you have.   We will ask how many people have videos of your baby on their phones.

We will suggest you bring your phone(s) to our studio in Sausalito where we will download copies of the videos while you wait.  We will never need to know any of your passwords or see anything other than the video media files on your phone.

If you can’t come to our studio, we may be able to come to you or we will help you by being on the phone with you when you download your videos to a flash drive.  You can send us the flash drive.

We like having all the videos you have taken because there may be some gem in videos you think are not worth looking at.

As artists, we like working with the full complement of the materials which were created by the parents, grandparents, relatives and friends.

You will think about the photos you would like to have included in the Swaddle to Toddle video.  If you wish for us to choose, we will.