What is a Swaddle to Toddle™ Video?

Swaddle to Toddle™ creates a professionally edited video of all the videos and photos of your baby from birth to first steps.  It’s a great solution for parents who fill their iPhones with videos and photos of their baby during this special period of their lives – as now you can have all of those memories professionally edited together to create a great vignette of this magical time in your and your baby’s life.

The Cost of Making a Swaddle To Toddle™ Video

Costs for a Swaddle to Toddle™ video are based on the number of videos and photos you’d like to include.      Call us for a FREE quote!        415-332-5300.

How We Do Our Work

Step 1:   Call or email us for a free quote.
Step 2:   We get a copy of your photos and videos
Step 3:   We make a “first cut” of your materials.  You review.
Step 4:   Depending on what you want, we make a “second cut”.
Step 5:   We deliver the final video as a DVD and as a digital file.

Watch our sample video.

Your Privacy and Our Work History

Your materials are never out of our immediate control.  No 3rd party is involved.  Nothing is uploaded to the Internet unless you request it.   We’ve been in business for 35 years and know how to respect our customers’ privacy. We have been in the ICB building in Sausalito for over 20 years.

Visit our studio office or visit our company website:

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